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Welcome to Avis Pharmacy Ltd.

We at Avis Pharmacy Ltd. offer flexible services that maximize the delivery of your and efficiency.  Let us help you do what you do best... Administer care. 

Our Team has over 26 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, and our passion is at the heart of who we are.

At Avis our clients are seen as people and not symptoms.

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Join the family, find out more about us and the services we offer.

GP Avis Agencies

Distributors of high quality medical tests, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment.

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Avis Cares

Providers of professional and confidential home and medical care.

Meet Our Team

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Bandele Serrano


Noelle Serrano


Kerrie Bailey

Pharmacy Assistant

Jalissa Knight


Your health, our priority

Pharmacy - more than a prescription.

At Avis Pharmacy Limited, we will earn the loyalty and confidence of our patients by exceeding their expectations and providing an environment that promotes the pharmacist as the premier source of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical information.">

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How Do We Help…

We are first and foremost a community pharmacy. Avis Pharmacy is a family owned and operated business whose prime focus is to serve and welcome you to our family! We are an intimate company and therefore individualized care is what we are best known for accomplishing.

In addition to a wide range of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products we also offer the following services:

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If on Holiday

If you have forgotten your medication at home while visiting our island. Please don't worry! Just email or call us, and we will be pleased to facilitate the sourcing of your medication or an alternate supply.