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Avis Pharmacy Ltd.


In addition to a wide range of pharmaceutical & nutraceutical products we also offer the following services :

Blood Sugar Testing

This is done by our trained staff. We use the BAYER CONTOUR NEXT unit and can give you a reading in 30 seconds.

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Covid Testing
Covid-19 Test

We are Government Approved to provide Rapid Antigen and PCR Testing

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Weight Loss Program

We have access to trained professionals and will refer you to them based on your need.

Please ask about the Pricing Details

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Blood Cholestorol Testing

Done by our trained staff. We use the ACCUCHECK unit and can give you a reading in 3 minutes..

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Wound Care and Dressing Service

If you are unable to get to the clinics for your wound dressings, we can refer you and organize a trained professional to go to you. Or have one of our in house specialists assist you. Just call to set an appointment ahead of time. Please ask about the Pricing Details

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WhatsApp Prescription Service

Send your prescription via WhatsApp and have it ready for you when you are ready to collect.

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Blood Pressure Readings

Done by our trained staff. We can give you a reading in 30 seconds.  

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We Care: Medicine Collection Service

Rather than being sent to a warehouse to collect medicines, you may prefer your medical condition to be kept private, you can allow us to order and collect those medicines for you. We realize that some medicines are quite expensive and we understand your need to reduce your costs, therefore we will discuss an agreed price with you and ensure your medicines are confidentially and correctly procured for you.

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