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Hemani Jasmine Oil


Hemani Jasmine Oil 30ml

Jasmine flowers are best known for their sweet and delicate fragrance. Hemani does not underestimate the beautiful flower with just its looks, instead, it brings you jasmine essential oil for natural skincare, hair care, and aromatherapy. Hemani jasmine oil has a sensitive aroma that can be used for skin hydration, and enriching hair follicles, and can be added to food for taste and flavor. Jasmine oil is extracted naturally from fresh flowers ensuring its high quality and effectiveness. You can also trust jasmine oil for a sound relaxed sleep.


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  • FOR SKIN WELLNESS: Jasmine oil is beneficial for your skin as a natural moisturizer. Take a cotton ball and apply jasmine oil all over your face every morning or night to witness beautiful skin.
  • RELAXES AND CALMS MIND: Using jasmine oil as aromatherapy promotes a calm and relaxed mind of its sweet smell after a busy, tiring day.
  • AROMATIC MASSAGE OIL: For your discomforted joints and muscles, trust jasmine oil with a carrier oil for an effective massage session with a hint of soothing aroma.
  • PROMOTES GOOD SLEEP: The sweet fragrance of jasmine flowers promotes good and sound sleep. If you often suffer from a night of interrupted sleep, take a bath in warm water with a little jasmine oil or use jasmine oil in an air diffuser.
  • HEALTHY LUSCIOUS HAIR: Although jasmine oil is highly beneficial as a hair oil, you can also dilute it with a carrier oil for your healthy, strong, and luscious hair.
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