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Hemani Olive Oil

Hemani Olive Oil 30ml

Olives are one of the most nutritious fruits with vitamins and minerals that are not just beneficial for consumption but are good for health if consumed with the extracted oil. Olive oil is used for cooking and salads but the raw form of olive oil can be helpful for your skin, and body. Hemani olive oil is edible and can be used topically. Olive oil is extracted by a cold-pressed method where the nutrients and vitamins are not lost. You find all the essentials and vital nutrients in the oil. Upon consumption, you are also less likely to be exposed to unhealthy sugar levels.


  • Helps with blood sugar levels: Olive oil is the best-known replacement for oil of any kind when it comes to cooking or consumption. It does not affect your sugar levels, instead, it helps your body with healthy digestion and healthy weight.
  • Rich in vitamins: These incredible healthy olives are rich in vitamins that provide excellent health benefits. Vitamins are good for healthy digestion and for healthy skin as well.
  • Moisturizes skin: Olive oil promotes healthy skin due to the presence of vitamins. You can apply olive oil to your cleansed skin for deep moisturization in winter. It is helpful for dry and rough skin.
  • Used for cooking: Olive oil is used for cooking and most importantly it does not affect your sugar levels. You can also pour a few drops into your salad for the addition of flavors and a touch of health.
  • Directions to use: For skin, apply two to three drops of olive oil to your cleansed face and massage it in circular motions in the mornings. For cooking and salads do not use more than a spoonful of olive oil.