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Hemani Pistachio Oil

Hemani Pistachio Oil 30ml

Hemani Pistachio oil has remarkable nutritional value as it provides not only healthy fats (like omega-9 and omega-6), but also Vitamin E, carotenoids and chlorophyll. It is one of the relatively less-known edible oils. It is used mainly for drizzling on salads and is used in French cuisine. It can also be used for skin care and hair conditioning because of its nutritional benefits. The presence of Vitamin E makes it a powerful potion for your health and well-being. The carotene compounds and chlorophyll add to the anti-oxidative power.


  • Beneficial for healthy body weight: Pistachio oil upon consumption helps you maintain a healthy body weight instead of loading you with excess calories and cholesterol. A minimal amount of oil should be consumed for a healthy body mass.
  • Production of blood cells: Pistachio oil is known for producing blood cells in your body. It has antioxidizing properties that look after any existing infection or inflammation.
  • Immunity booster: With the antibacterial effects and the goodness of pistachio in the oil, it becomes a potential consumption for boosting immunity.
  • Anti-aging properties: You can also apply pistachio oil to your face for moisturization and deep hydration. It will give your face or skin a soft and smooth look. It will possibly look after wrinkles and fine lines, with its anti-aging properties.
  • Directions: Can be topically applied and taken orally. It is safe to use pistachio oil for food and for applying it to your skin. It also works best if you apply it to your hair, especially the roots. Take a minimal amount of oil and sprinkle it on your salad, smoothies or juices. For skin or face, apply as much as required.