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Hemani Celery Oil

Herbal Oil 30ml – Celery

Celery Oil is produced through steam distillation of the seeds and contains various fatty acids and has laxative, sedative and carminative properties.

Used to dress salads, soups and vegetable dishes. Protects against inflammation Flushes toxins and cleanses the system.


  • Hemani Celery oil: Celery oil is consumed with food and is an excellent replacement for regular oils. Hemani brings you original celery oil loaded with health benefits for you and your family.
  • Promotes healthy body weight: Regular consumption of celery oil helps in maintaining a healthy body mass which also improvises your appetite. For a healthy appetite and weight, add it to your salad, soups or vegetables.
  • Helps to cleanse the body: Our body is a storehouse of harmful toxins from the food we consume. They take a lot of time to find a way out of our bodies unless we choose a healthy diet. Celery oil helps to cleanse your body by removing toxins.
  • Assists in healthy digestion: Celery oil is also beneficial for digestion. Add it to your salad, stews and vegetable dishes for a healthy diet that boosts immunity and digestion.
  • Uses: They can be topically used and consumed. Take 1 to 2 teaspoons of celery oil every day in your regular food.
Drug interactions/Contraindications pregnancy, children